What is Bluetooth ? Why is Bluetooth used?

Bluetooth is a type of wireless protocol that utilizes a communications technology that is short range. Bluetooth facilitates the transmission of data over short distances from mobile devices, especially mobile phones. This creates wireless area networks sometimes referred to as PANs (Personal Area Networks).

Therein lies an important intention that led to the development of Bluetooth, the creation of a wireless protocol that would ultimately be able to connect multiple wireless devices and thus overcome the shortcomings that did arise from the synchronization of wireless devices.

Bluetooth makes good use of a modern radio technology known as frequency hopping over spread spectrum. It transmits chunks of data that is being sent in a chopped up form on up to more than 75 distinct frequencies. In the most basic form, Bluetooth and its modulation is a shift keying mode of Gaussian Frequency which is made in a way that it could even reach a 1 Mb/s gross rate in terms of data processing.

Bluetooth offers a perfect way of information exchange and connection over such devices as mobile phones, laptops, printers, telephones, digital cameras, GPS receivers, video game consoles and personal computers. This is done over a short range bandwidth (2.4 GHz) via radio frequency, which is globally unlicensed.

Bluetooth has its specifications packaged, developed and harmonised amidst being licensed by Interest Groups in the line of its operation. These Interest groups consist of various companies in the business of computing, telecommunication, networking and even consumer electronics.

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