What is VMWare ?What is the purpose of VMWare

'Configuration Testing’, ‘Localization Testing’,’Internationalization Testing’ these are few key words which cause chaos amongst the software testers and the system administrators. The above mentioned testing types require setting up of the test environment with

* Different OS Platforms
* Different Browsers.
* Different Databases
* Different Application servers

The requirement of different hardware resources is directly proportional to the complexity of the configuration matrix. This causes a pain in the neck of software testers as they will have to invest most of their time in setting up different environments. ‘VIRTUALISATION’ can help you rise to the occasion.
* What is VMWare?
* How to create VMImages?
* How to add hardware resources?
* What is a snapshot?
* Replicating the Environments

The sections contain very useful tips especially for adding resources. I faced difficulty in adding hard disks so I want to share my information with other people so that they do not have to re-invent the wheel J

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