XML Interview questions,Faqs

XML Interview FAQS
1)Can I use XML namespaces in DTDs?

2)Define DTD (Document Type definition).

3)Describe about the syntax rules which form the XML documents?

4)Differences Between XML and xlink?

5)Explain about DOM interface?

6)Explain about XML Canonicalization?
7)Explain about XML data binding?

8)Explain about XML namespaces?

9)Explain about XML signature?

10)Explain about XQuery?

11)Explain about core validation?

12)Explain about the DTD features?

13)Explain about the techniques for processing XML files?

14)Give some examples of XML DTDs

15)Give the main reasons to use DTD?

16)Give us syntax rules of XQuery?

17)How can u create an XML file?

18)How do I configure an XPointer processor?

19)How do I implement an application-specific XPointer scheme?

20)How do I make a table which looks good on xlink and Prodigy?

21)How do I write my own DTD?
22)How do integrate XPointer into my application?

23)How do you create Drop Down Combos in xlink ?

24)How do you display XML with XSLT?


# How do you load data from XML file to a ORACLE table?

# How do you parse/validate the XML document?

# How to add elements and attributes with XQuery in XML data?

# How to declare DTD?

# How to define functions in XQuery?

# How to perform comparisons in XQuery?

# How to perform conditional operations in XQuery?

# How to perform operation on node using XQuery function in XML?Explain with an example?

# How to use FLWOR expression given by XQuery in XML data?

# How to use XPointer?

# How would you produce PDF output using XSL’s?

# How you define atomic values?

# How you define syntax of XLink?

# How you define syntax of XPointer?

# How you define terms in XQuery?

# How you use XQuery FLWOR with HTML?

# List the rules to be followed by an XML document.

# Other than XML/XSLT, what are other web services.

# State and explain about XML encoding errors?

# State some advantages of XML

# State some disadvantages of XML?

# State some features of XQuery.

# WHich type of problems we can solved with XQuery?

# What XPointer schemes are supported in this release?

# What about xpointer resources?

# What are XML indexes and secondary XML indexes?

# What are the differences between SAX and DOM parsers?

# What are the steps to transform XML into HTML using XSL?

# What do you mean by selecting and Filtering elements in XQuery?

# What is DOM?

# What is DTD?

# What is XLink ?

# What is XML Namespace?

# What is XML Serialization and Binary Serialization?

# What is XML data binding?

# What is XML template?

# What is XML?

# What is XMLA ?

# What is XPointer?

# What is XQuery?

# What is XSL?

# What is XSLT?

# What is Xpath?

# What is a CDATA section in XML?

# What is a schema? What are the limitations of a DTD?

# What is an XML encoding error?

# What is server-side XPointer?

# What is the difference between SAX parser and DOM parser?

# What is the difference between Schema and DTD?

# What is the purpose of FOR XML in SQL Server?

# What is the use of Xlinks Modularization?

# What parser would you use for searching a huge XML file?

# When a XML file has a DTD declared which is not accessible to the parser, what would happen?

# When constructing an XML DTD

# Why doesn't use XLink?

# Why should I care if my document is in correct x link? It displays all right on my browser.

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