C,C++ Interview Questions

C++ Interview Questions
1)What is virtual distrcuctor.
2)Are there any default concstructors in c++? what are they?
3)What is the difference between copy constructor and Overkloading =, why language is provided two of these..
4)What are inline functions
5)What is the difference between #define and inline + their advantages and disadvantages
6)What is the difference between inline and normal function. will the compiler take inline functions always inline ,if not on which basis it will decide to ignore inline.
7)Virtual Functions in C++
8)Friend Functions in C++
9)The sequence in which constructors of classes A, B and C are called when class A is inherited from class B which is inherited from class C.
10)differences between typedef and #define
11)differences between a reference and a pointer in C++.
12)how do you dynamically allocate a two dimensional array of size a by b.
13)Differences between Java and C++.
14)OO Concepts in C++

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