Operating system ,OS Interview Questions

Operating system ,OS Interview Questions
* What is a COM component?
* How do you register COM component?
* What is a Raid?
* What is normalization?
* Explain hidden shares in Windows 2000.
* How do you convert a FAT into NTFS?
* How does a virus affect the computer?
* What is the latest version of the MSDOS?
* What is a distributed system?
* What you mean by deadlock?
* What is DRAM?
* What’s the difference between FAT32 and NTFS?
* What’s the difference between process and thread?
* What is page fault?
* Define root directory?
* What’s the difference between Windows and UNIX?
* What’s the difference between RAM and ROM?
* How do you configure built-in firewall in Windows XP?
* What is virtual memory?
* What are the main components of the operating system?

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