Intrenship Interview Questions and Tips

Intrenship Interview Questions and Tips
When a person works on a temporary position for the purpose of on-the-job training rather than full time employment, then it is termed as internship. They usually happen to be school, college or university students wanting to hone their skills before embarking on a new career. Internship is of great importance to students. It helps student gain some first hand experience which may come handy during interview sessions, get acclimatized with the work atmosphere, and gain a network of contacts.
Employers on the other hand stand to gain as well. It helps employers have cheap or free labor and at the same time creates a pool of skilled work force which can come back to the company as full time employees after their education is over.
Students can avail internship position in all types of organization. Be it government departments, business houses, or non-profit groups all of them are willing to recruit interns.
Internships, in developed countries are popular among students from under developed countries as they stand to gain international exposure. Such an exposure adds weight to their resume.
Interview for an internship can be quite tough. This is because organizations will always want the best of brains to work for them, so that they can induct after their studies is over. So for your internship interview questions you need the kind of preparation as that of a full time job.
Firstly it is very important to know about the company and the nature of internship you will be undertaking. In fact you begin your interview with question based on these two aspects. Once you have researched well and know your objectives you can answer questions quite satisfactorily.
Internship interview questions usually begin with a simple question and answer session. This primarily includes questions about yourself, and your objectives. After an informal introduction you may be asked to do a presentation before a panel of interviewers. Such presentations include aptitude tests and group activities. While preparing for the interview you should be prepared for this. Some particularly questions common to all internship interviews are:
1)Why do you want to work for this company?
2)Tell us what you know about our company?
3)Why do you think you’re fit for this job?
4)In what way can you add value to the role?”
5)Where do you see yourself ten years from now?
While answering your Internship interview questions you need to have the right kind of body language. This is because interviewers come to know about your personality through your body language. So it is essential for you to have eye contact to convey confidence and trust. You also need to keep your chin up and smile with open lips. When you shake hands it needs to be firm and friendly. Avoid crossing your arms, slouching, looking down, rubbing eyes or nose and thumping tables to prove your point. These are considered negative body language traits.
When you have prepared all these questions well, your internship interview may go satisfactory Prepare well the above tips questions are only for practice

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