Robots Types of Robots

Robots Types of Robots
A robot is electromechanical system and an artificial agent. There are two types of robots physical robots and software robots. A typical robot has several properties and is used to perform several tasks such as helping the patients, used in the military training, keeping your house clean and many other tasks. The main components of a robot include battery, motor, programmable chip, circuit boards, sensors, LEDs, chassis, microcontrollers, wheels and the other electronic components. There are many algorithms that are used to control the movements of the robots. The programmable commands are used to picking up the objects, moving forward, backward, upward or downward. Robots are getting popularity and being attracted by the health, research, educational, telescopic, home and may other sectors. Some of the common types of the robots are defined below.
Tele robots
Tele robots are used at the places that are far away or dangerous where human being can’t reach easily. Tele robots are controlled at a distance by the human operators. They are also being used in the long pen that is being used by the authors to sign the remote guest books. Additionally, tele robots are also being used by the doctors to communicate with the remote patients.
Military Robots
Teleoperated aircraft robots are being used by the military. These robots are controlled remotely and they are used to search the remote targets or an army. These robots so well programmed that they can take decisions automatically in the dangerous times. They are also used by the army to defuse the roadside bombs.
Patient Care
Patient care robots help the surgeons to operate the remote patients. They are being used in the hospitals to facilitate the patients.
Elder Care
There is an increased number of elder people in the world and the number is being increased day by day. In the absence of human beings, the elder care robots work well by providing them a number of facilities.
Robots in Home
With the passage of time the prices of the robots are falling and do to their computations abilities and high performance now they are being used in the homes for performing several tasks such as vacuum cleaning, floor cleaning, lawn moving and many other jobs.
Nano Robots
Nano robots are also known as nano bots and they are close to a scale of the nanometers.
Reconfigurable robots
These robots can alter their physical form to perform a particular task. They consist of a small cube shaped units

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