Solaris Interview Question and Answers

Solaris Interview Question and Answers
1. List the files in current directory sorted by size ?
2. List the hidden files in current directory ?
3. Delete blank lines in a file ?
4. Search for a sample string in particular files ?
5. Display the last newly appending lines of a file during appendingdata to the same file by some processes ?
6. Display the Disk Usage of file sizes under each directory in currentDirectory ?
7. Change to a directory, which is having very long name ?
8. Display the all files recursively with path under current directory ?
9. Set the Display automatically for the current new user ?
10. Display the processes, which are running under yourusername ?
11. List some Hot Keys for bash shell ?
12. Display the files in the directory by file size ?
13. How to save man pages to a file ?
14. How to know the date & time for . when script is executed ?
15. How do you find out drive statistics ?
16. Display disk usage in Kilobytes ?
17. Display top ten largest files/directories ?
18. How much space is used for users in kilobytes ?
19. How to create null file ?

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