Before developing Iphone application

Things to know before to develop Iphone application
1. You need a mac os x( mac mini, or mac book or mac pro, anything you like)

2. To submit your work to apple you need a apple developer license as well.
3. The SDK is free to download, so you can build you application and test it on simulator without any cost. But if you want to test it on your iPhone/iPod touch or submit it to apple store, you must have a developer license.
4. To test your application, you must have either iPod or iPhone because Simulator and device behaves differently on some features like memory. So I highly recommand you to buy one device as well.
5. Programming language is Objective – C and its very similar to C/C++, even a Java developer like me didnt spend much time to understand the language.
If I missed something, Please let me know.

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