How to prepare for a interview

Interview preparation is very crucial if you want to succeed in getting a job. A planned approach can give you an edge over your competitors in this ever increasing competitive world.
Make sure you follow some of these steps before going to an interview: -
1) Write down the necessary steps required to make the job interview successful.
2) Steps that should be followed for preparation to the interview.
3) Questions that might be asked during the process of interview most probably you will asked upon your experience, project report, behavior and personality judgment questions.
4) A note of things (checklist) which should be carried to the interview.
5) Does and don’ts in the interview process which can have a desired effect on the interview.
6) Positive and negative factors or strengths and weakness of you.
7) Closing lines or a note of thank you at the end of the interview.
First let’s examine the first point: -
Steps to be taken to make the interview successful: -
Many recruiters throughout the world are always baffled because of the candidate behavior or lack of his preparation. An interview is the most important part of the candidate because it determines a candidate’s future and many of them don’t know what to say to specific questions this clearly shows lack of preparation. Never be nervous or too casual. Make yourself comfortable in the interview these are some of the notes which can help you during the interview.
1) Preparation for the interview: -
(i) Know the date and venue of the interview including directions, landmark if any, full name of the interview including the title and correct pronunciation of his name.
(ii) Have a detailed view of the company and the demands of the job position at hand.
(iii) Get knowledge about the different products which the company has and its competitors, skills you have which can further develop the product or useful to invent new ones, strengths and weakness of the company and product literature.
(iv) Find out or research about the presence of the company in other markets. Talk to users, distributors, etc and try to read about the testimonials. This will help you gain sufficient knowledge about the market of the company and its products.
(v) Make notes about how you would handle the responsibilities of the job. New strategies, plans, business plans, etc which will help you to do the job in a new way or increase the efficiency of the job.
Attire: -
1) First impression can be obtained by the way you dress and present yourself. Wear professional dress and look professional because the job demands it, there exists a fine line between the company dress code and interview dress make sure that you understand it.
2) Suit preferably of dark grey or black will look better on you. They should have a solid color.
3) Well polished leather shoes with dark colored socks.
4) Professional hair style and neatly manicured nails.
5) Belt, lower aftershave, low perfume and minimal amount of body deo.
6) Have a briefcase in which you can keep all your documents also maintain an order by which you can produce to the interview as per request.
Have a list of questions which you want to ask the interviewer. Make sure that those questions are well framed and knowledgeable. An interviewer expects questions to be asked by you. It can be that you have a complete knowledge about the company, its rules and policies, products, etc.
Never chew during the interview process because it will have negative effects on your interview. Have a mint before you go the interview. Maintain eye contact while speaking to the interviewer and if it is a group discussion make sure that you maintain eye contact with every one in the group.
Some of the common questions which will be asked during the interview are as follows they are: -
1) Tell me about your self (This question is framed in many different ways but the answer to them is the same)?
Keep it short and simple don’t over do it. Try to cover all aspects because this gives a clear but concise introduction about you to the interviewer.
2) Explain about your project technicalities and requirements?
While answering this question make sure that you refresh your memory. Explain to him in detail about the project because it can give you an edge from other competitors he will be primarily giving higher weight to technicals.
In interview be honest and give your best.
3) It is always good to ask about the prospects of your job if he says that he cannot give you an answer as he has other candidates. Tell him that if you were the only candidate would he hire you if he has reservation about your question then you need to improve on selling yourself.

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