Iphone development tips

A note book for every developer and businessman who want to work with iPhone. Complete guide for any developer or businessman who want to step-in to iPhone development. For developer I include initially steps required to build iPhone application. For businessman, steps required to publish applications to apple store. This book will have all the list of items you want to know before you start working with iPhone and a complete guide to know how to submit your application to apple store.

Step 1: Things you know before

Things Businessman should know before
  • Create Developer account
    • You should have a developer account (license) to test application on device or to submit your application to apple store.
    • You need to have Bank Information and it will cost you 99$ or 299$ http://developer.apple.com/iphone.
    • It takes around 3-12 working days, so you should apply for this before you start creating your application.
    • You will then have a keychain access
  • Create concept for your application
  • Make its design from designer or you can make a rough design from here
  • Hire a developer to code for you
  • Read the developer and design part as well to understand what you will have to deal with
Things Developer should know before start creating application for iPhone
  • You should have a mac book or mac mini
  • Your machine should have intel processor and 10.5.7 lepord installed
  • iPhone SDK is free for every one. You just need to open an account free from http://developer.apple.com/iphone. After creating account, download the sdk
Things Designer should know before start designing application for iPhone
  • Designing for iPhone is easy but at the same time complex
  • For application you must have to create icon which is 57×57 and at the same time it should be 512×512 ( these two design should be same or your application will be rejected)
  • Splash screen must be 320×460 or 320×480
  • You can get the template for iPhone design from here or here or here

Step 2: Getting Started with iPhone Development

Follow this tutorial: Getting Started with iPhone Development OR watch the Video Tutorial to Getting started with iPhone Development

Step 3: Hello World iPhone Tutorial for beginner

Follow this tutorial: Hello World iPhone tutorial for beginners OR watch the Video Tutorial of Simple Hello World iPhone Application

Step 4: Testing your application on iPhone or iPod touch

Testing your application on device

Step 5: Required Documents/Files needed before submitting application

Things you know after creating applications for iPhone

Step 6: Submit your application to apple store

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