Behavioral Interview questions

Behavioral Interviews

Behavioral interviews are often asked as a part of Interview procedure to determine how you acted in specific situations and based on those actions interviewer will decide whether you are qualified enough to handle responsibilities and challenges present in this job.
Questions answered should be suffixed or supported with real life examples which you came across your real life. Make sure that you have enough documents or certificates which can improve credibility of your answers.
One of the problem with Behavioral Interviews preparation is that there are not many materials available in the stores which can exactly say what type of questions you will be facing.

So we thought of compiling our own list of Behavioral Interviews Questions: -
1) Jot down the various projects you handled in your previous company and try to write down the
(i) Environment
(ii) Team members
(iii) How you met project deadline
(iv) Rough outline of how you applied logic in problem solving
(v) Whether there were conflicts about a certain problem and how you solved it. What was the logic you applied ?
(vi) Days when you had to work overtime to complete it.
(vii) Management skills you learnt and applied. New strategies which helped you in achieving the desired outcome.
If you are a fresher then also you can modify the above questions to include your final semester project. Your professor can help you much better.
Make sure you read the job requirements and write down the possible areas in which questions will be asked. Behavioral questions will be asked related to their requirements and management principles.
Home work you need to do is as follows: -
1) Make sure that you do enough research about the company and their management. It is always good to speak to the employees of the company so that you can get an idea about the style of interview process.
2) Have good preparation of technical interview process. If you are good at this you have much better chances of getting into the job.
3) Practical side of knowledge is important than the theoretical side so make sure that you gain enough knowledge about how things work.
During your answer to a specific question make sure to include these points such as: -
1) Specific situation relevant to the question.
2) Brief about the work in hand or task assigned to you.
3) Action or the way you reacted to that specific action or context.
4) Result the end action or outcome of things assigned to you.
Make sure that you are honest in your replies because it will help you in the long run. He/Her is not looking for the best situation or answer instead she is looking on how you handled the situation or things.
Some of the various topics on which you will be tested mainly are: -
1) Logical thinking and analysis
2) Team work or leading
3) Management skills
4) Initiative
5) Ability to learn and implement.
6) Motivation and adaptability.
7) Time management
8) Communication skills
These are chiefly required by any company and an ideal candidate will have these abilities in varying proposition.
Some of the questions which might be asked are: -
1) What are the steps you take before embarking on a decision ?
2) How do you analyze a project of its worth and the duration you require to complete the project ?
3) Explain a situation where you analyzed about a specific outcome which if overlooked could have negated the development of the project ?
This question is basically asking you to detail a situation in which if you overlooked a specific detail which is minute in nature could have significant effect in the development of the project and could have made it unworthy.
When answering these types of questions it is important that you understand them first. You can describe about a design flaw, a bug, a crucial programming factor which you need to consider, mathematical error, etc.
4) What was your last project, were you happy with it, name a crucial factor which if added could have made it much more viable and feature oriented application ?
This question can be answered if you have done the project or to be honest if you have actively participated in the project without which you can never attempt this question.
5) How did you land your first job? What was your project in your previous company ?
6) What was the most challenging aspect of your previous project how did you overcome it?
7) What are the various standards you employ while working and explain about the project in which your work was above and below standard?
This question is a very important one as it can extract the worth of you and it plays a major role in determining your job prospect. Be honest and explain it in a very detailed manner. Explain all the crucial which made you to have an above standard work in a certain project and a below standard work on a specific project.
8) Tell us how you handled and dealt with a situation in which your colleague was underperformer and you needed to complete the project badly? Did you talk to your manager or helped colleague etc?
In this question emphasis should be placed upon the project and not one your colleague. The right thing to do is to talk to your manager about that. Be honest and explain to the interviewer about the situation and the way you dealt with it.

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