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C # Programmer Interviewing Questions :

•How many levels of compilations
happen in .NET languages? What is the first level of compilation?

•Can ASP.NET web pages be programmed in C#?

• Describe object pooling?

•What is indexer? Where is it used?

•What are multiple inheritances? And, how to implement it in C#?

•Can you explain what Common Language Runtime (CLR) is?

•Within a specific code block how can you enforce arithmetic overflow check?

•What is a shadow and an override? What is the difference between the two of them? • How do you explain Dynamic Link Library (DLL)?

•Can we use polymorphisms and i
nheritance in C# programming? If yes, in what way can they be used?

•What is a hashtable? How can you objects in a hashtable?

•What are BufferedStream, MemoryStream and FileStream?

•Can Stream objects be initialized?

•How will you define encapsulation? Can you give me some examples.

•Which class is used to read or write data to the memory?

• What is the difference between a client code and server code?

•In C # programming is it possible to add 'unmanaged code' that may not be necessarily CLS compliant?

•In C#, is it possible to inherit multiple interface?

• Explain Just In Time Compiler? What does JIT compiler do?

•How are parent classes referred in C#?

•How would you explain serialization? What are the advantages of serialization?

•Define abstraction?

•What is a shared assembly?

•How can you explain private assembly?

•Can pointers be used in C #?

•How can you explain XML schema?

•Can you explain what is method definition?

•Define Intermediate Language (IL). What has a similar concept to IL?

•What is a Thread? Can you describe the uses of thread in C# programming?

•How do we create and manage files in C#?

•Are 'object' and 'string', predefined reference types in C#?

•What is the method used to start a thread?

• How do we generate XML documents in C# programs?

•Give reasons why assemblies can't be loaded side by side.

•How can we load assembly in a running process?

•Explain what is multi level hierarchy?

• What happens if the XML comments are not well formed?

•What are constructors? How many types of constructors does C# support?

•Can constructors be static?

•What does "death of diamond" mean?

•How to use arraylist in C#? Can you provide us with examples?

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