Hr Interview questions

HR Interview Questions

Interview is very important because it decides your future and gives you an employment in the desired field. HR interview questions are particularly important because HR expects you to ask him some questions about the company, your job responsibilities, day to day functions, etc.
He might also judge your level of confidence when you are asking him questions.
You can ask questions to HR but do limit the number of questions you would be asking him because it should not become the other way round. Don’t provoke the HR it can have negative implications on your profile if you are selected also it will have implication on your confidentiality report. Ask genuine questions to the interviewer don’t try to fake your personality. Ask questions which are relevant to the company, job position, responsibilities, dress code, etc.
There are instances where candidates got rejected because of being over aggressive don’t let that happen to you. Be polite and wait for the reply from the HR and then shot your next question. If there is any clarification ask him to elaborate on that particular topic don’t hesitate. Framing of questions is very important firstly he needs to understand what you are saying and secondly he will be judging you. Remember you are in the interview till the last moments don’t ever forget that.
Soft skills are very essential and are mostly required by many companies so develop them. Generally HR interview questions are asked after the general completion of the interview. Greet him and thank him for giving the opportunity to speak and clarify your doubts. Don’t abruptly get started with the questionnaire. Have a pencil or pen and a paper to make some important notes. Never try to make a fool out of the HR or underestimate his caliber. He is talented and has been interviewing candidates for quiet a while.
Some of the important questions to be asked to the HR are as follows: -
1) How is the work environment in your company?
2) How often can salary raise be expected?
3) What would be the work timings?
4) Can you please tell me some of my job responsibilities?
5) How should a sub ordinate address the management?
If you would like to know whether you are through the interview or not you can frame your questions in this manner: -
What do you think are the chances of me getting this job?
Generally HR people will never respond to these questions and their favorite reply is we need to interview other candidates you can counter this by asking
Think I am the only person or candidate for this job position then would you give me the job?
If the interviewer hesitates in replying to this question then there are a lesser number of chances for you to pass through the interview. Generally it is good to wait till the final result is out may be you are through.
6) Can you tell me about the company`s policies, work ethics, and vision?
7) What exactly does the company expect from me?
This question will clarify you about your job responsibilities. It gives you an exact picture. It also gives you the area you need to concentrate on.
8) What are the various benefits I obtain from this company?
9) Will I be provided with pick up and drop (travel benefits)?
10) How many branches are present for our company and what are the chances of me being posted near by?
11) Will the company provide scholarships or encourage higher studies?
Generally it is good to know the HR interviewer name and title because you can address him by those. It is good to have this information prior because it can help you.
12) How many employees will be assigned to my team?
With how many employees I need to work with?
13) What are the chances of promotion and what is the criterion for higher level position?
14) Is there any bond, advance or bond I need to sign?
15) Still are there any more rounds of interview?
16) Can I know about the company policy of equal opportunity and pay?
17) How often would I go on tours?
18) Will the company relocate me?
19) Where branch would I report to and specifically to whom should I report?
20) Which technology would I be working on?
21) Can you give me a brief job description?
There will be many questions on cafeteria, lunch, discounts, offers, gym, facilities, etc. Make a note that all these questions are not mean to be specifically for a fresher or experience it all depends upon the situation, experience, achievements, job position etc. Try no to ask all these questions just pick a few and ask the interviewer.

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