Connection settings for Bluetooth

Connection settings for Bluettoth

Bluetooth has the ability to transmit information on the device name, list of services, device class, and technical information such as device features or Bluetooth specifications being used, on demand.

Any Bluetooth device can perform an automatic inquiry to literally find other devices that it could be able to connect with. In addition any device could be configured in a superb way to respond to inquiries such as that. However in any case, if the device that is trying to connect happens to know an address of another device, it will simply and always respond to such a connection request directly and will transmit the information.

The Bluetooth device service(s) could require the pairing or even acceptance by the owner, though the connection itself may be initiated by any Bluetooth device and it could also be held until it has gone out of range. Some Bluetooth devices could be connected to a single device at any time, and the connection to them could prevent them from that paramount connection to other familiar devices, thus occurring in inquiries until the Bluetooth device has been disconnected from the other.

Every Bluetooth device happens to have a unique address of a 48-bit type. However these different addresses are usually not shown in such inquiries. Instead, familiar Bluetooth names are usually used and are easily set by users. These names appear mostly when any other user has scanned for Bluetooth devices and such lists of paired Bluetooth devices.

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