What are the applications of Bluetooth technology

Applications of Bluetooth technology
For Bluetooth to be used in mobile phones or any other device must have a working compatibility with some Bluetooth profiles. These profiles also define, basically, the possible applications including the uses of the Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth happens to be a standard communications protocol that was primarily designed for relatively low consumption of power and short range which is based on a very low cost microchip in each device. It is Bluetooth that gives those small devices the ability to communicate with each other every time they happen to be in range.

Simply because Bluetooth uses a system of radio communication they really don’t need to be in line or in such close proximity of one other. One of the most popular and earliest uses of Bluetooth is the wireless control of communication between hands-free headsets and mobile phones as well as the wireless networking possible between personal computers, inside a confined space where very little bandwith is required.

In addition, Bluetooth uses extend through the transfer of files and possibly between devices, amidst wireless communications via PC input and also output devices, such as printers, mice and key boards. Device transfer of reminders, appointments and contact details is another specialty of Bluetooth.

Bluetooth also enables internet access (Dial-up) on PCs or even PDAs with use of mobile phones that are data capable as a modem. Other common uses include small advertisements being sent from Bluetooth enabled devices to other quite discoverable devices supporting Bluetooth.

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