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This article was shared with us by Ashwin Palaparthi from TestersDesk.com. TesterDesk provides a free tool for the Testing Community to help Test Design and Test Data Generation activities. Imagine…
1. A test case has to be executed on 4 browsers, in 2 resolutions, in 3 different modes on 3 Operating Systems. We are then talking about 4 * 2 * 3 * 3 = 72 Test Combinations – besides our experience about the past defect combinations, we do need a technique/tool to reduce this number into a manageable one.

2. Imagine you have to select 4 items out of 10 possible test inputs. 10 C 4 combinations are possible, but what are they?

3. You have to apply traditional Boundary Value Analysis on 4 fields in a test transaction. Taking the general min-1, min, min+1, mid, max-1, max, max+1 (7 values), we have 7 * 7 * 7 * 7 = 2401 was of testing them. Can we?

4. You need quickly 4 files of sizes 5 MB, 6 MB, 10 MB and 20 MB in text and in binary formats. How do we create them?

5. You need different real person names, e-mails with valid syntax, test credit card numbers that pass the Lehn check, etc. Where do we go today?

Welcome to www.TestersDesk.com - The One-source Online Toolkit for Software Test Design and Test Data Generation. The outputs provided can be used by Manual Testers as well as Test Automation Engineers (by copying the CSV formats in to their tool’s Data Tables).

It is web-based and is free for use. It has won several awards recently and several thousands of testers use it in small and big ways.

Please read - Discover 20 ways to use TestersDesk.com - http://www.testersdesk.com/20ways_testersdesk.html

If you have time, please view the videos at - https://www.testersdesk.com/testersdesk_videos.html

There are about 20 tools currently and will continue to grow, to serve the testing community.

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