what Employers look for

When asked what they look for in potential employees, many employers respond by mentioning all or most of the following traits:

A well-written resume and cover letter
Demonstrated initiative and uniqueness in approaching the employer
Following up with the employer to schedule interview
What Employers tell us
Employers look for more than technical or specific job-related skills when hiring new employees. Certain characteristics have been found to be essential in developing an effective team. Employers look for these characteristics during the hiring process. Knowing these characteristics and being able to identify them in yourself will enhance your success at interviews and increase your chances of getting the job that you desire.

Certain characteristics that are highly desirable to employers are:

Excellent listening skills
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Problem-solving skills
Proven ability to get along well with co-workers
Dedication, reliability and good attendance record

For an interviewer to identify your strengths in these areas, they need to ask behavior-based or situational questions such as �Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with a co-worker, and how you resolved it.� This type of question is becoming more and more common in interviews.

Make sure to offer examples when asked open-ended questions. Answering with just a �yes� or �no� leaves the employer wondering if you truly stand behind your answer.

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