What People read on wikipedia

IT seems the hottest question on Wikipedia is: “What the hell does ‘wiki’ mean?”
According to a website that monitors traffic to the encyclopedia, the entry for wiki is the most-requested page.
Just so we get it out of the way, to paraphrase, a wiki is a website that uses special software to let people edit it collaboratively from their web browser — like Wikipedia.
The entry is the most popular page on the English version of the website this year, as well as last year, according to THEwikiStics. Here are the others:
Top 10 in 2009
1 Wiki
2 The Beatles
3 Michael Jackson
4 Favicon.ico (it’s something web designers need to know about)
5 YouTube
6 Wikipedia
7 Barack Obama
8 Deaths in 2009
9 United States
10 Facebook

If you were feeling curious and slightly immature, you might wonder where all the naughty entries came in the list. That’s the first thing everyone looks up in encyclopedias and dictionaries, right?
“Sex” was 25th, “vagina” was 39th and then, in the middle of the 50s, there’s a little cluster of “penis”, “masturbation” and “list of sex positions” — right next to “list of the presidents of the United States”.
Here are a few other lists I’ve put together based on data from THEwikiStics. The number on the left is where each entry ranked overall. As you can see, it’s a bit American-centric:
9 United States
21 India
27 United Kingdom
36 Australia
37 Canada
41 Japan
60 Germany
62 Israel
66 New York City
78 China
15 World War II
20 Adolf Hitler
28 Abraham Lincoln
38 World War I
42 Martin Luther King, Jr
55 List of the Presidents of the United States
58 William Shakespeare
69 Henry VIII of England
89 Vietnam War
104 John F. Kennedy
News and current affairs
7 Barack Obama
8 Deaths in 2009
11 Swine influenza
16 Twitter
33 2009 swine flu outbreak
47 Windows 7
59 Farrah Fawcett
61 Swine flu
64 George W Bush
65 Global warming
14 Watchmen
17 Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen
18 Slumdog Millionaire
22 Transformers 2
30 Watchmen (film)
32 Star Trek (film)
34 Megan Fox
44 Robert Pattison
46 Twilight (2008 film)
49 Terminator Salvation
TV shows
13 Lost
24 Scrubs
29 Heroes
40 List of House episodes
48 House
79 American Idol
84 List of Family Guy Episodes
91 Lost (season 5)
94 Family Guy
98 America’s Next Top Model
2 The Beatles
3 Michael Jackson
12 Eminem
19 Lil Wayne
26 Rihanna
31 Lady GaGa
43 Miley Cyrus
67 Tupac Shakur
68 Taylor Swift
72 The Notorious BIG
25 Sex
39 Vagina
54 Penis
56 List of sex positions
57 Masturbation
71 Sexual intercourse
73 Human penis size
75 Anal sex
102 Pornography
112 Love
The lists for 2008 and 2009 are fairly similar, with a few differences based on current events. For example, the entries for Sarah Palin, John McCain, Large Hadron Collider and Heath Ledger all dropped out of the top 100 this year.
If you’re still interested, go over to THEwikiStics and have a look. It’s based on page requests drawn from Wikipedia’s logs — not 100 per cent accurate, but pretty good

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