Brew Interview question and answers

Brew Interview question and answers
How to debug output on emulator and phone?

When an application is running on the BREW Emulator, DBGPRINTF outputs messages to the Visual C++ Debug Window. Currently, DBGPRINTF messages are not available while running on a phone. Support for outputting debug messages to a host PC via serial connection is under development.
2.What compilers can be used to compile BREW applications
The ARM BREW Builder can be used to compile BREW applications.

3.What guidelines should be followed when compiling an application in Thumb mode?
* The function AEEMod_Load() must be moved to a different source file and this file must be compiled in ARM mode. AEEMod_Load() must always be compiled in ARM mode.
* All files that are compiled in thumb mode MUST have the INTERWORK compiler option turned on. If this option is NOT turned on in the make file, the app will very likely crash.
4.What to do if we installed ARM BREW Builder or ARM Development Suite into a path with spaces?
The solution is to modify your makefile in the following fashion:
Comment out the ARMBIN, ARMINC, and ARMLIB declaration.
Add the full path to the ARMCC, LD, and HEXTOOL variables. Make sure you double quote the path.
Languages and Operating Systems:
5.What are the Operating System requirements of the BREW SDK?
Due to the requirement for Unicode support, the SDK runs only on the Microsoft Windows NT™ 4.0, Windows 2000™ and Windows XP™ platforms. Windows 98 is not supported by the BREW SDK.
6.Does BREW support multi-threading?
BREW does not support multi-threading. BREW does have support for cooperative multi-tasking.
7.Can we link to Windows DLLs from the SDK?
No. You should treat the SDK as a fully integrated stand-alone platform, which includes avoiding the C Standard Libraries. BREW has provided a port of the most common functions.
8.On what devices is BREW supported?
Currently, support for BREW is only available for devices based on the following QUALCOMM chipsets: MSM3100, MSM3300, MSM5000, MSM5100, and MSM5105. In addition, for a particular phone or other device to support BREW, it must be "BREW enabled" with a version of the BREW runtime provided by the device's manufacturer.
Event Handling:
9.What events must an applet handle?
In addition to the obvious EVT_APP_START and EVT_APP_STOP, your applet must support EVT_APP_SUSPEND and EVT_APP_RESUME in order to pass True BREW Testing.

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