Deshaw Aptitude Interview questions

Deshaw Aptitude Interview questions
(1)A man bought two horses for Rs.924 each and sold one horse for
15% profit and the other for 15% loss.What is the net gain?
(2) Two pumps fill atank in 20 hrs. One pump fills the same
tank 10hrs. faster than the other pump. In what time the
other pump fills the tank?
(3) X men in Xhrs/day finish a work in x days. Y men in y hours
per day finish the work in
(a) X**2/Y**2 (b)X**3/Y**2 (c) Y**2/X**2 (d) Y**3/X**2
(4)8 men + 2 boys finish a work in 16 days.
2 men + 5 boys finish a work in 20 days. 8 men and 8 boys
finish the same work in how many days?
(5)A & B are two trains, travell from X & Y stations to Y & X
stations after crossing each other A takes 4 hrs.48 mins. to
reach Y station. B takes 3hrs.20 mins. to reach X station.
The speed A is 45kmph. Speed of B is ?

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