Testing Interview questions and answers

Testing Interview questions and answers,Testing faqs
1.How many trigger events are there in recovery operation?
1) Popup Window 2) Object State 3) Application Crash 4) Test Run Error.
2. How many types are there to split the actions?
1)Independent and
2)Nested (Parent-Child.)
3. What is meant by Source Control?
4. Give one example where you have used Regular Expression?
05/19/2004 (mm/dd/yyyy)
5.How to instruct QTP to display errors and other description in the test results instead of halting execution by throwing error in the mid of execution due to an error (for example Object not found)?
1)Recovery Scenario
6.What is the Extension For Shared Object Repository
7. What is the default Sync time out.
20000 ms
8. What is the Difference between SystemUtil And InvokeApplication?
1)Using SystemUtil we can make use of the different methods such as Run or Close , whereas in InvokeApplication we can only open the apllication.
2)InvokeApplication method can open only executable files
9.What is the Difference Between GetRo Property and GetToProperties?
1)You use the GetROProperty method to retrieve the current value of a test object property from a run-time object in your application
2) GetTo Property Returns the collection of properties and values used to identify the object.
10. What is the Difference Between Call to copy of Action and Call to Existing Action?
If u do any Enhancements in Existing Action It will Affect to the Main Tests where as in the Copy of Action ,The Main Test will not Get Affected.
11. What is the extension for ‘Per Action’ object Repository?
12. How Object Repository will Learn the Objects from Application?
Based on Physical Desc And the logical Name
13. How many types are there in Run Mode?
1)Fast 2) Normal
14. How do You Change the Logical Name of the Object in Test Script?
By Renaming the object in The Repository.
15. What is the Diffrence Between the Wait and sync Time?
"Wait" statement is used to instruct QuickTest to wait for a window to open or an object to appear.where as "Sync" Waits for the browser to complete the current navigation.

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