Different types of Testing

Different types of Testing
1.Black Box Testing
Black box testing is also called as functionality testing. In this testing testers will be asked to test the correctness of the functionality with the help of inputs & valid outputs.
Black box testing not based on any knowledge of internal design or code. Tests are based on requirements & functionality.
2.White box testing:
White box testing also called as Structural Testing. White box testing based on knowledge of the internal logic of an application’s code. Tests are based on coverage of code, statements, branches, paths, conditions & loops.
Structure = 1 Entry + 1 Exit with certain constrains, conditions and loops.
3.Grey box testing
This is just a combination of both black box and white box testing. Tester should have the knowledge of both the internal and externals of the function.
Tester should have good knowledge of white box testing & complete knowledge of black box testing
Grey box testing is especially important with web & Internet applications, because the Internet is built around loosely integrated components that connect via relatively well-defined interfaces.

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