DotNet Interview Questions

.Net Interview Questions
1. ­­­________________ is the heart of .Net Framework.
2. What type applications can be created on .Net framework.
3. Name the component responsible for cross language integration.
4. What are dlls corresponding to FCL and CLR?
5. What is the functionalities provided by FCL?
6. Name any features of Assembly.
7. Why is XCOPY deployment possible for .Net applications.
8. What is managed code?
9. Name any five .Net Compatiblelanguages.
10. Difference between directcast and ctype. An example of a ctype and directcast.
11. ctype(123.34,integer) - should it throw an error? Why or why not? directcast(123.34,integer) - should it throw an error? Why or why not?
12. Difference between Panel and GroupBox classes?

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