Netapp Interview Questions and answers

Netapp Interview Questions and answers
First WRITTEN-1:30 min
it consisted of 4 sections.
1st section was quantitative aptitude. questions on pipe-cistern,work,percentages,profit loss etc.,
2nd section was c. this was the easiest of all as nearly all questions were from test ur c skills...but all good questions only.
3rd section was ADA.. i.e algorithms. questions were mixed easy as well as hard. some basic questions like a tree is given wat is inorder traversal. some complex questions like the complexity. there were even questions on Graphs.
4th section was Systems. questions were tricky. questions on race conditions.segmentation faults.code was given and race condition wat is final output.
int a[100];
for(i=0;i<=100;i++) a[i]=i; wat will happen?? questions on signals....
------------INTERVIEW- -----------
The written was followed by interviews. 1st- it was 20-25 min interview. mostly on c and systems(my aoi) questions
char *func(char *p)
p=p+3;//change local variable
return p;
char *y="HELLO";
y=func(y);//although call by value but u end up changing original variable
ans:LO now he asked is this call by value or call by reference.this is tricky because u end up changing ptr y. although this is call by value. this is because u r returning value and storing in same variable y.
2)then wat is difference in file pointer and file descriptor.(read K-R unix interface chapter).
3)i give u a 512 mb ram. wat will be there in it??

2nd interview 2 puzzles

1- u have a scooter. and 3 tyres. each tyre has a max life of 1 yr. wat is the max tym u can run ur scooter.
ans: 1.5 yrs 1-6 nnths 1,2 tyre replace 1st with 3rd after 1 yr 2nd finished. so replace it by 1st after 1.5 yrs total tyre=0:
2-u r given a disk. half black half white. its rotating. u have to make sum system using sensors etc. so that a computer can tell the direction in which the disc is rotating.
3-He asked me about the question from the written paper about race conditions and segmentation fault. this discussion went on and on.
what is segmentation fault?? who gets to know that there is segmentation fault. i said kernel. i said it sends a SIGSEGV signal. if u have a[100] array wat will happen when u assign a[102]?? ok now if i have a[100] and b[100] wat will happen now when i acess a[102]??? the correct answrs were ...there are segment registers in hardware..they give an exceptions to kernel which then generate M.J Bach for furthur reference.
so all in all the interview was Fucked..... :(

3rd interview)
Ist question on project. around 10 mins on that. then write a code that will for sure generate segmentation fault.write a code to delete any node in a link list. with all test cases and boundary conditions.(easy stuff)
4th) Hr-- why u want to join netapp,about urself... i was the last person to be interviewed so this was very short interview.

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