Testing Interview Questions ,Testing Faqs

Testing Interview Questions ,Testing Faqs
1] Record and playback - drawbacks
Test scripts contains hard-coded values.
This is not a viable cost-effective test automation approach for long term.
2] Difference between Image and Bitmap checkpoint
Image Checkpoint Checks the whole Image whereas in bitmap checkpoint we can check the selected area of image/page
3] What is the Automation framework you are following?
Keyword driven/Datadriven approach, Functional decomposition.
4] Write one line code - to Get value from Datatable in the script
1)strText = DataTable("ColumnHeading", dtGlobalSheet)
2)strText=datatable("column Name")
5] Write one line code - to Connect to Excel
1)DataTable.Import "FilePath"
6] Explain Descriptive Programming, why do you go for that?
1)We can run the script without object repository.
2) Based on Properties and prop's Values .
7] How many actions can we write in a Test?
1) "N" no of Actions
8] What do u mean by Compile Module?
Compile Module in Win Runner is Same as library file. Collection of functions.
9] How will you declare a variable to access in multiple actions?
2)Environment Variables.(User Defined).
10] What are associated files in QTP?
With QTP you can create VBScript library files containing VBScript functions, subroutines, classes, modules, etc., and then associate the files with your test
11] What is the difference between Object Repository and Object SPY?
Object Repository stores objects and gives basic properties and Object SPY gives in detail all the run-time and Test object properties associated with an object and to view the syntax for a selected method.
12] How to handle java tree in QTP?
To handle java tree, we must have Java Addin. After adding java addin we must go to object configuration and do some configurations
13] What are the different test status messages?
Done, Pass, Fail and Warning
14] What is the extension for the test version of Script? .mts
15] What are the types of ordinal identifier?
Index Property, Location Property, Creation Time Property

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