CITRIX Interview Questions,Citrix interview faqs

CITRIX Interview Questions,Citrix interview faqs
1)Explain an algorithm for path planning in a given map.
2)Write a code to find the shortest path in a given graph.
3)Write a code for minimal spanning tree
4)How do you find existence of a cycle in the given graph.
5)Explain OSI model.
6)How do you find out the sizeof an object in Java.
7)Given a byte, write a code to swap every two bits. [Using bit operators] Eg: Input: 10 01 11 01 Output: 01 10 11 10
8)Write a Shell code which takes in as input several files and replaces each occurance of word “Nishant” with word “reddy”.
9)What is VPN ?
10)What are TCP/IP protocol , Routing algorithms , P2P file sharing , Routing protocols.
11)Implement the above protocols in C.

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