Deshaw Interview Questions

Deshaw Interview Questions
Question1: Differentiate HTTP and HTTPS
Question2: Discuss ACID properties of a database system.
Question3: Given a table Employee with only one field: Names, report all names with multiple entries.
Question4:Given two sequences s1,s2 and another sequence s3, find if s3 is formed by interleaving s1 and s2.[Example: s1:abcd s2:bcaa s3:abbccdaa].
Question5: If a class B is inherited from a class A, B has a function foo which is also in A, how do you call foo function in A??
Question6: If a class B is inherited public from a class A, what all the variables that can be accesses and those that cannot be.
Question7: List out the additional features of C++ over C when the latter is already available as a good programming language?
Question8: Can classes,protected variables or other features in C++ be implemented using C?
Question9: Define Deadlock
Question20:Given a multi-threaded program How can you make it run on a system that supports only a single thread execution?
Question11:What are the Differences between a const char * and char const *?
Question12:What are the Differences between a reference variable and pointer variable in C++?
Question13:What is a register variable and what are the limitations on it? What is an automatic variable?
Question14:What are the Differences in memory allocation in array and pointer(stack and heap)?
Question15:Find the missing element in a sorted array in most optimum running time (O(log n))

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