Load runner interview questions faqs

Load runner Interview questions ,Testing with loadrunner faqs:
1. Which protocol has to be selected for recording/playback a Visual Basic application?
2. What kind of problem we can face regarding hardware, software, and network and
memory bottleneck during the performance test?
3. What is a LoadRunner Agent? Why is it used? Where does the Agent run?
4. What is the use of RCL is performance testing conducted by LoadRunner? Distinguish between the exact functionality of RCL vs. LR Agent?
5. How much memory is utilized per VUSER?
6. How can set the number of virtual users in Load Runner?
7. How would you plan, execute and analyze performance test case?
8. What is extended log in load runner?
9. What is co-relation in load runner?
10. How to call win runner script in LoadRunner?
11. What enables the controller and the host to communicate with each other in Load
12. What protocols does LoadRunner support?
13. What are all the functions available in LoadRunner to do the correlation?
14. What is load runner controller?
15. What is load runner API function?
16. Where you insert the rendezvous point?
17. What is transaction performance graph?

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