Creating an iPhone Project

The iPhone SDK provides several project templates to get you up and running developing your application. You can choose from these types of application:
  • Navigation-Based Application. An application that presents data hierarchically, using multiple screens. The Contacts application is an example of a navigation-based application.
  • OpenGL ES Application. An application that uses an OpenGL ES–based view to present images or animation.
  • Tab Bar Application. An application that presents a radio interface that lets the user choose from several screens. The Clock application is an example of a tab bar application.
  • Utility Application. An application that implements a main view and lets the user access a flipside view to perform simple customizations. The Stocks application is an example of a utility application.
  • View-Based Application. An application that uses a single view to implement its user interface.
  • Window-Based Application. This template serves as a starting point for any application, containing an application delegate and a window. Use this template when you want to implement your own view hierarchy.
If you need to develop a static library for use in an iPhone application, you can add a static library target to your project by choosing Project > New Target and selecting the Static Library target template in the iPhone OS/Cocoa Touch list.
Static libraries used in iPhone applications do not need to be code signed. Therefore, you should remove the Code Signing Identity build setting definition from the static library targets you create. To do so:
  1. Open the static-library target’s Info window and display the Build pane.
  2. In the Code Signing group, select the Any iPhone OS Device conditional definition for the Code Signing Identity build setting.
  3. Change the conditional definition’s value from iPhone Developer to Don’t Code Sign.

To develop an iPhone application, you work on an Xcode project. And you do most of your work on projects through the project window, which displays and organizes your source files and other resources needed to build your application. This window allows you to access and edit all the pieces of your project.

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