Megasoft interview questions

MegaSoft interview Questions

1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Why do you want to go in IT field while you don’t have an IT background.
3. Why didn’t you decide to go for higher studies?
4. Explain about your project
5. What is the importance of an MBA degree for a software engineer?
They test various skills like time management, attitude towards work, team orientation skills, communication skills, etc.
This was the Xius HR Interview Round: Next is the technical interview round:
Many times they were asking the questions you didn’t answer in the written test.
1. C/C++ questions – Difference between signed int and unsigned int?
2. Explain macros, inline functions?
3. Describe union and when are they used?
4. Questions on linked list. Programs, logic questions like a list is given. How will you print it in reverse.
5. Question about Bubble sort. How will you derive an equation to find the number of iterations occuring?
6. Problems about polymorphism. Gave a program and asked me to find the output.
7. What is the role of Virtual functions in C++?
8. An SQL Question about Transactions and commit keyword.

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