iphone development FAQs

Here are some common questions developers ask about iPhone development:
  • Can GCC 4.2 be used with the iPhone Simulator SDK?
  • Does the iPhone Simulator application run on network home directories?
  • Do Objective-C properties need to be backed up by instance variables or accessor methods for them to work?
  • Why do curl transitions appear as fade transitions in iPhone Simulator?
    Because Mac OS X doesn’t support curl transitions.
  • Do static libraries need to be code-signed before being used in an iPhone application?
  • Why is my application having problems processing PNG files?
    The code that is trying to use your PNG files may not understand compressed PNG files.
    Turn off the Compress PNG Files build setting. 
  • Can I develop iPhone applications on Windows?
    No. iPhone applications can be developed only on Mac OS X.
  • How do I link all the Objective-C classes in a static library?
    Set the Other Linker Flags build setting to -ObjC. If that doesn’t bring in all the classes, set it to -all_load.
  • When should I replace deprecated API?
    Update as soon as you can, considering the iPhone OS versions you want your application to run on.

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