iphone development guide

To develop iPhone applications, you use Xcode, Apple’s first-class integrated development environment (IDE). Xcode provides all the tools you need to design your application’s user interface and write the code that brings it to life. As you develop your application, you run it on your computer, an iPhone, or an iPod touch.
This document describes the iPhone application development process. It also provides information about becoming a member of the iPhone Developer Program, which is required to run applications on devices for testing.
After you finish developing your iPhone application, you submit it to the App Store, the secure marketplace where iPhone OS users obtain their applications. However, you should test your application on a small set of users before publishing it to cover a wide variety of usage patterns and get feedback about your product. This document describes how to create a group of testers for your application and how to distribute it to them.

Software requirements: This document applies to iPhone SDK 3.1 on Mac OS X 10.5.

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