Alternative ways for job promotion

Alternative ways for job promotion
Working for your promotion with ''passive'' tactics.
You are:
* What you THINK you are.
* What you really are.
* What others think you are.''
So you need to let the OTHERS know who you are.
How to do this:
* Be visible in your industry circles.
* Help where it matters!
* Jump on opportunities that can show your expertise, knowledge and ability to organise others.
* It never hurt anyone to be Mr. Popular. Make people comfortable around you.
Initiating small contact with the boss of the boss
In the lift or in the corridor be prepared. Have a 25 second answer to 'Hi' or 'Hello'.
This 25-second answer should include:
Positive news about an important project you are working on.
The most important work you doing.
Have a good question ready
Promotions come to those who LOOK like they deserve them!!


* Make yourself visible.
* Be where it matters.
* Be part of important projects within the organisation.
* Troubleshoot crisis situations, and save the day.

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