CMMI Interview Questions

CMMI Interview Questions
1)What is a Software process?
2)what are the different cost element involved in implementing process in an organization?
3)What is a model?
4)What is maturity level?
5)Can you explain the concept of process area in CMMI?
6)Can you explain the concept of tailoring?
7)What is CMMI and what's the advantage of implementing CMMI in an organization?
8)what’s the difference between implementation and Institutionalization?
9)what are different models in CMMI?
10)Can you explain staged and continuous models in CMMI?
11)Can you explain the different maturity levels in staged representation?
12)Can you explain capability levels in continuous representation?
13)which model should we use and under what scenarios?
14)How many process areas are present in CMMI and in what classification do they fall in?
15)What the difference between every level in CMMI?
16)what different sources are needed to verify authenticity for CMMI implementation?
17)Can you explain SCAMPI process?
18)How is appraisal done in CMMI?
19)which appraisal method class is the best?
20)Can you explain the importance of PII in SCAMPI?
21)Can you explain implementation of CMMI in one of the Key process areas?
22)Explanation of all process areas with goals and practices?
23)Can you explain the process areas?

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