Features Of Opencv

Features Of Opencv
* Image data manipulation (allocation, release, copying, setting, conversion).
* Image and video I/O (file and camera based input, image/video file output).
* Matrix and vector manipulation and linear algebra routines (products, solvers, eigenvalues, SVD).
* Various dynamic data structures (lists, queues, sets, trees, graphs).
* Basic image processing (filtering, edge detection, corner detection, sampling and interpolation, color conversion, morphological operations, histograms, image pyramids).
* Structural analysis (connected components, contour processing, distance transform, various moments, template matching, Hough transform, polygonal approximation, line fitting, ellipse fitting, Delaunay triangulation).
* Camera calibration (finding and tracking calibration patterns, calibration, fundamental matrix estimation, homography estimation, stereo correspondence).
* Motion analysis (optical flow, motion segmentation, tracking).
* Object recognition (eigen-methods, HMM).
* Basic GUI (display image/video, keyboard and mouse handling, scroll-bars).
* Image labeling (line, conic, polygon, text drawing)

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