Interview questions on ASP,ADO,IIS

Interview questions on ASP,ADO,IIS
1)Why do you use Option Explicit?
2)What are the commonly used data types in VBScript?
3)What is a session object?
4)What are the three objects of ADO?
5)What are the lock-types available in ADO? Explain.
6)What are the cursor types available in ADO? Explain.
7)What is a COM component?
8)How do you register a COM component?
9)What is a virtual root and how do you create one?
10)What is a database index, how do you create one, discuss its pros and cons?
11)How do you use multiple record sets (rs.NextRecordSet)?
12)As soon as you fetch a record set, what operations would you perform?
13)Define a transaction. What are ACID properties of a transaction?
14)How would you remotely administer IIS?
15)What is RAID? What is it used for?
16)What is normalization? Explain normalization types.
17)What is the disadvantage of creating an index in every column of a database table?
18)What are the uses of source control software?
19)You have a query that runs slowly, how would you make it better? How would you make it better in .NET environment?
20)What is a bit datatype? What is it used for?
21)How would you go about securing IIS and MS-SQL Server?
22)What is the difference between Request("field") and Request.Form("field")?

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