Project manager round Interview Questions

Project manager round Interview Questions
1. What is your project about? What stage or phase is it currently in? What is your current role in your project?
2. Explain how you manage requirements in your project?
3. Where and how do you document your requirements?
4. What and where are the policy statements for requirement management?
5. How do you ensure that you base your software plans, work items and products on the requirement?
6. If during some stage down the life cycle, the initial requirements change, what will you do? How will you handle any changes in the requirements?
7. Who reviews the requirements and the changes to the requirements?
8. Explain the contract review process followed in your project?
9. When requirements change, how do you handle the changes it may lead to project progress and schedule?
10. How do you handle any risk that might arise due to changes in requirements?
11. How do you ensure that you are consistently meeting the requirements during various stages in the life cycle of the software product?
12. How do internal quality audits cover requirements management activities in the project?
13. Who is responsible for managing the requirements in your project?
14. What will you do if you find that you cannot meet the requirements?
15. While doing HLD/LLD/Coding/Testing, how do you know that a specific HLD/LLD component, program code unit, or test case relates to a particular requirement?

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