VB interview questions

VB interview questions
1)How do you center a form?
2)Can I send keystrokes to a DOS application?
3)Convert an RGB value to a long, or a long to RGB.
4)Implement smooth scrolling for either text, graphics or controls across a form.
5)Implement some quick and easy encryption (can be something primitive).
6)4 different types of sorts: advantages and disadvantages.
7)Compute CRC32 checksum, write a quick piece of code that accepts the packet of data and returns the CRC.
8)How do you use the Mouse OFF event?
9)How do I call Windows Help files from a VB program?
10)How do I create a textbox that lets you insert tabs?
11)How do I make text box that displays asterisks when the user types in data such as password?
12)How do I create multi-column combo box?
13)How do I make a menu popup from a CommandButton?
14)How to create menus at run time in VB?
15)Write a generic error handling routine.
16)How to copy text to the Windows clipboard and from it.
17)How can I call a Command button without clicking it?
18)Write a simple app with Encrypt and Decrypt buttons and Textbox where the user can enter text for encryption and decryption.

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