Web Application Developer interview questions

Interview Questions for a Web Application Developer
1)What is the maximum length of a varchar field in SQL Server?
2)How do you define an integer in SQL Server?
3)How do you separate business logic while creating an ASP.NET application?
4)If there is a calendar control to be included in each page of your application, and we do not intend to use the Microsoft-provided calendar control, how do you develop it? Do you copy and paste the code into each and very page of your application?
5)How do you debug an ASP.NET application?
6)How do you deploy an ASP.NET application?
7)Name a few differences between .NET application and a Java application?
Specify the best ways to store variables so that we can access them in various pages of ASP.NET application?
8)What are the XML files that are important in developing an ASP.NET application?
9)What is XSLT and what is its use?

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