ASP.NET Interview questions and answers for dataset

ASP.NET Interview questions and answers for  dataset

What is a DataSet?
DataSet is an in-memory cache of data.

In which namespace is the DataSet class present?

Can you add more than one table to a dataset?

Can you enforce constarints and relations on tables inside a DataSet?
Yes, the DataSet consists of a collection of DataTable objects that you can relate to each other with DataRelation objects. You can also enforce data integrity in the DataSet by using the UniqueConstraint and ForeignKeyConstraint objects.

What happens when you invoke AcceptChanges() method on a DataSet?
Invoking AcceptChanges() method on the DataSet causes AcceptChanges() method to be called on each table within the DataSet.

Both the DataRow and DataTable classes also have AcceptChanges() methods. Calling AcceptChanges() at the DataTable level causes the AcceptChanges method for each DataRow to be called.

When you call AcceptChanges on the DataSet, any DataRow objects still in edit-mode end their edits successfully. The RowState property of each DataRow also changes. Added and Modified rows become Unchanged, and Deleted rows are removed.

If the DataSet contains ForeignKeyConstraint objects, invoking the AcceptChanges method also causes the AcceptRejectRule to be enforced.

Is there a way to clear all the rows from all the tables in a DataSet at once?
Yes, use the DataSet.Clear() method to clear all the rows from all the tables in a DataSet at once.

What is the difference between DataSet.Copy() and DataSet.Clone()?
DataSet.Clone() copies the structure of the DataSet, including all DataTable schemas, relations, and constraints. Does not copy any data.

DataSet.Copy() copies both the structure and data.

How do you get a copy of the DataSet containing all changes made to it since it was last loaded?
Use DataSet.GetChanges() method

What is the use of DataSet.HasChanges() Method?

DataSet.HasChanges method returns a boolean true if there are any changes made to the DataSet, including new, deleted, or modified rows. This method can be used to update a DataSource only if there are any changes.

How do you roll back all the changes made to a DataSet since it was created? 
Invoke the DataSet.RejectChanges() method to undo or roll back all the changes made to a DataSet since it was created.

What happnes when you invoke RejectChanges method, on a DataSet that contains 3 tables in it?
RejectChanges() method will be automatically invoked on all the 3 tables in the dataset and any changes that were done will be rolled back for all the 3 tables.

When the DataTable.RejectChanges method is called, any rows that are still in edit-mode cancel their edits. New rows are removed. Modified and deleted rows return back to their original state. The DataRowState for all the modified and deleted rows will be flipped back to unchanged.

What is the DataSet.CaseSensitive property used for?
When you set the CaseSensitive property of a DataSet to true, string comparisons for all the DataTables within dataset will be case sensitive. By default the CaseSensitive property is false.

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