Ms Access Interview questions,Faqs

Ms Access Interview questions,Faqs
1)Explain about creating a report tool by using the report tool and report wizard?
2)Explain the steps for this message ?could not delete from the specified tables??
3)Detail about how you can import a sharepoint list?
4)State some criteria`s and their effects on a ms access database?
5)State some of the uses append query?
6)How do you create an append query?
7)Explain about relationships and look up fields?
8)What happens if the both source and destination are named the same?
9)How do you import data from another access database?
10)Explain about managing data tasks?
11)How do you add a developer to a trusted publishers list?
12)State the criteria which a trusted publisher should meet before adding him?
13)Name at least six file extensions of Microsoft Access?
14)Explain about the protection features present in MS Access?
15)State some of the uses of MS Access?
16)Explain about the various features present in MS Access?
17)Explain about Microsoft access?
18)I am using the Switchboard Manager in MS Access. I am getting an error message "There was an error executing this command."
19)When I assigned a primary key to my table in Microsoft Access, I was expecting my data to be sorted. Am I using the correct procedure?
20)Would you like to easily automate your MS Access database through menu driven selections?
21)What is the size limitation of an Access database?
22)How can I open an MS Access database that has been converted to a current version?
23)In MS Access, the long and short date option does not show 4 digit years. How do I achieve the mm/dd/yyyy format?
24)I am designing an Access database form. How can I get my next control in the form to be automatically selected?
25)What is the maximum size of a database that can be opened in Microsoft Access?
26)What format should my database be saved in to allow different versions of Microsoft Access to open the database?
27)Can I use ExecuteReader() in if-else. Because in my code which is in C# ExecuteReader() in if is executing and in else it is not please tell me the solution.
how to insert and retrive images on MSACCESS using java
28)What is Replication Manager?
29)How does Microsoft Access database recover free space?

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