Windows os Shortcut keys,windows daily useful keys

[Start] Opens the Start menu
[Start] + E Opens My Computer in Windows Explorer
[Start] + Pause/Break Opens the System Properties dialog box
[Start] + U Opens the Utility Manager
[Start] + R Opens the Run… prompt
[Start] + F Opens the Search for Files and Folder window
[Start] + Ctrl + F Opens the search for computers on the network
[Start] + M Minimize all windows
[Start] + Shift + + M Maximize all windows (after minimizing them)
[Start] + D Minimize all windows to the desktop, and then restore all Windows
[Start] + L Lock Computer
[Start] + Tab Cycle through the open programs on the Taskbar
[Start] + B Selects the first item in the System Tray; use the arrow keys to cycle through the items and use the Enter key to open a selected item in the SysTray
Alt + Tab Switch between open programs
Alt + F4 (in a program)Closes the program
Alt + F4 (from desktop) Opens the Windows Shutdown/Restart dialog box
Alt + Enter Opens the Properties page of a selected item
Alt + Esc Cycle between open programs in the order that they were opened
Alt + Spacebar In the active window, this brings up the corner dialog box for Move, Size, Minimize, Maximize, or Close
Shift + Insert CD/DVD Inserts a CD/DVD without triggering Autoplay or Autorun
Shift + Delete Permanently deletes an item (rather than sending it to the Recycle Bin)
Ctrl + Shift + Esc Opens the Windows Task Manager
Ctrl + drag an icon Copies that item
Ctrl + Shift + drag an icon Creates a shortcut for the item

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