AOL Interview Questions -Oracle apps interview

AOL Interview Questions -Oracle apps interview
1)How can we determine the name of a form?
2)What is the importance of Hierarchial and non Hierarchial security type in value set?
3)Where can we find the output files and concurrent request logfiles?
4)Explain the points of difference between master organization id and organization id?
5)How to determine the current release of applications?
6)How do we define a quick code?
7)What do you understand by quick code?
8)What are the various kinds of transactions in AR?
9)What is the purpose of lockboxes?
10)Why is Auto Invoicing Important? Discuss.
11)Various interface tables required for invoices, receipts, customers for conversion process.
12)Describe Auto Accounting. Various steps involved in auto accounting.
13)How do we check whether Multi-org is installed or not?
14)Method for generation of message file usaeng.msb
15)Method for submission of concurrent request from PL/SQL.
16)Why is a password required at Help – Tools – Examine ?
17)How can we check the version of an app?
18)Explain the file naming conventions.
19)Describe the logfile naming convention.
20)Which concurrent programs are used for auto invoice and customer interfaces?
21)What do you understand by ‘$flex$’?
22)Question regarding implementation of schema.
23)How to change custom.pll file?
24)After applying a batch, a table is updated. Then an error occurs that the table is locked. What could be the problem?

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