JDBC Interview Questions

JDBC Interview Questions
  1. How does one use the Oracle JDBC Thin Driver?
  2. Where can I find a list of the latest JDBC drivers ?
  3. Can I connect to my database from Microsoft Access or Visual Basic via ODBC? 
  4. How do I determine the number of columns in a ResultSet?
  5. What is a database URL?
  6. How do I create a database connection?
  7. What is Metadata and why should I use it?
  8. What is the advantage of using a PreparedStatement?
  9. How do I check what table types exist in a database?
  10. How do I extract SQL table column type information?
  11. How do I find all database stored procedures in a database?
  12. What properties should I supply to a database driver in order to connect to a database?
  13. Which is the preferred collection class to use for storing database result sets?
  14. Do I need to commit after an INSERT call in JDBC or does JDBC do it automatically in the DB?
  15. How can I make batch updates using JDBC?
  16. The java.sql package contains mostly interfaces. When and how are these interfaces implemented while connecting to database?
  17. How do i insert an image file (or other raw data) into a database?
  18. How can resultset records be restricted to certain rows?
  19. In distributed architecture (typical three tier consisting of thin client, middleware & database) which type of JDBC driver should be used and why?
  20. How do I pass a Timestamp from JDBC to a database?
  21. Will a call to PreparedStatement.executeQuery() always close the ResultSet from the previous executeQuery()?
  22. How can I get data from multiple ResultSets?

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