Zensar Technical interview Questions

Zensar Technical interview Questions
1. What are the types of OS, with examples?
2. Difference between Linux & Windows.
3. During multitasking, whether the jobs are executed parallely? Whether the  WINDOWS OS is pre-emptive?
4. Is multitasking & multithreading are same or not?
5. Various versions of WINDOWS.
6. Latest Version of WINDOWS(Windows vista). (windows related interview questions)
7. What do you know about Vista ?
8. What is SDLC & its steps.
9. How will you decide which language (whether c,java,etc…) is suitable for the development of a particular software?
10. Why java is platform independent?
11. Are the JVM for C & JVM for JAVA are different?
12. What are byte code & object code?
13. Difference between C & Java. (c language and java language questions)
14. What is polymorphism & its types?
15. How overriding is done?
16. What is inheritance?
17. How error handling is done in Java?
18. Types of classes in Java.
19. Storage classes in C.
20. Types of function calls?
21. Call by reference & call by value.Which is better?
22. What are the types linklist?
23. Write a program to search a certain node in a linear linklist?
24. Write a program to find the length of a string in C?

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