ColdFusion Interview Questions

ColdFusion Interview Questions
1) What exactly is ColdFusion ?
2) Describe in detail about programming details in ColdFusion?
3) Explain about some of the features present in ColdFusion MX7?
4) Is it possible to write cold fusion in cold fusion?
5) Can we modify ColdFusion server code and what are the two open source CFML parsing engines?
6) What are the benefits of multiple server instances?
7) Describe about Clustering
8) Describe about the level of security a firm can have while running adobe cold fusion?
9) How one can provide secured internet applications using adobe ColdFusion?
10) Explain about ColdFusion administrator?
11) Is there any facility which prevents viewing of source code?
 12) Describe about string encryption?
 13) What is cold fusion component roles implementation?
 14) What is CFCHART engine?
 15) Which tag aids us in Debugging and attribute in inter site scripting attack?
 16) Explain about enterprise manager?
 17) What is the benefit of extensible gateway architecture?
 18) What are the different types of resources through which cold fusion can communicate?
 19) What are the two primary types of files in a cold fusion application?
 20) State and explain about integrating Coldfusion applications with JSP.

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