Sony India Interview - for Instrumentation Engineering

Sony India Interview - for Instrumentation Engineering
1)Which is the largest layer of the PIN diode?
2)Find the value of the open loop transfer function (Linear Control Systems LCS Question)
Open loop transfer function of G(s) = 3 (s+2)/s2(s+4)
1)He-Ne laser is a _____ level system
2)Guided mode, Where does the normalized propagation lie?
3)Pipeline improves the CPU performance in ________
4)When is  a real valued signal X(n) called symmetric.
What are the conditions for a signal to be periodic?
(Many of these are Fill in the blanks type questions)

1)Two Questions about Feedback Relay and Belt Weighting System are there.
2)What does a machine cycle refer to ?
Many questions are asked about the subject Microprocessors.
1)Ilegal 8086 instruction
2)PSW Register of 8085 microprocessor
3)Reset Signal of 8085 microprocessor
4)Tell about CMP instruction in the 8085 microprocessor
5)How much RAM do we have on an 8051 chip?
6)A 2–port network is reciprocal if and only if ______
7)Where is a charge amplifier used?
8)What is the quality factor of the parallel LR circuit ______
9)Fast process likes flow control in _______
10)What will be the impulse resonse of a system which as a single pole at origion?
11)What is the settling time of a second order system
12)Find out the transfer function of 1000/(1+0.1s) (1+0.01s) _______
13)What do you mean by a Transfer function?
14)Question about CRO (cathode ray oscilloscope) and Transducers were asked. Study these topics.
Software linearization is the best for ?

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