Delphi interview Questions

Delphi interview Questions
1)How do you work with INI files in Delphi?
2)How to create UDL files in Delphi?
 3)How to save binary files in Delphi?
 4)How to save images to a database with Delphi?
5)Explain about creating n tired applications using Delphi?
6)How application server is different from other type of servers?
7) Explain about event handler in delphi?
8) Explain about Delphi`s VCL?
9)How do you display  in Delphi?
10)Explain about the Delphi IDE?
11)What are packages in Delphi?
12)Explain about the textual description of the form?
13) Explain about DPR?
14) Describe about help file in Delphi?
15) Describe about the project menu?
16) Explain about data base form wizard.

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