Exit Interview Questions and Answers

 Exit Interview Question and Answers
1) What is the chief and primary reason which made you to take this decision?
This question is very common and you need to have an answer for this. Be very honest while answering this question and also maintain a tone which is pleasant. Air your thoughts but don’t undermine the company structure as a whole because it can have negative effect upon you.
2) Is there anything we can do about it? Will you change plans?
When your employer asks you this question it is imperative that he wants you to sit and discuss some issues concerned with your employment. If the employer can help you then it is up to you to take the next stage of decision. Changing plans depend upon you and your thought process.
3) What aspect of the job you liked most?
You can express comfortably on this question as many of us have some positive aspect of the work place if there is nothing like that feel free to express about that.
4) Suggest some changes which can improve the workplace?
Make sure that you suggest them because companies can improve on that aspect and you might be rewarded for that suggestion because it improved the workplace. Your suggestion should be reasonable which can be implemented.
5) Explain about the least satisfying aspect of the job?
This question asks you to explain about the least satisfying aspect of the job in the workplace. Dissatisfaction can be during your project, lower position and pay for your capabilities, promotion, bossing, benefits, work load, etc. Make sure you state a honest reply because it can make you and your employer happy.
6) How can the management help you in solving that particular problem?
If you are having a problem which can be solved by the management then do air them your opinion. It can really change the things around you and if they cannot help it then do suggest them who can help change it.
7) Did you receive enough training which can be translated into quality work?
This question should be answered appropriately because they can have adequate training procedures in future. Training need not be only for fresher`s it can be for employers also.
8) Would you recommend this company to your friends and family members in future?
Honesty is the best policy and it has been tested and proven for many centuries so it is always good to be honest.
9) Before leaving this company are you interested to work with other departments within the company?
This question asks you primarily whether you are interested in working with other departments of the company. This question may give you work in other departments.
Exit interviews should be carefully approached because every answer you give will be on the record. A person taking an exit interview either might be fired or voluntarily resigned, laid off, etc. A HR department official keeps a record of all the statements you specify. There is a hidden motive in having an exit interview it can be used in the court of law against you if you plan to sue your employer.
You have all the rights to decline an exit interview which many of the reputed companies do respect it. But there might be a situation where declining an exit interview will have a bad effect on your profile because statements such as “will not rehire again” etc will be present. This notation might be revealed during a background check.
Make sure that you think and answer questions posted by the interviewer. Some of the point you need to keep in mind before an exit interview are as follows they are: -
1) Is there any benefit by attending an exit interview
2) Do you need to sign notes, or give official conformation, is it anonymous, will they really develop according to your suggestions, will it have negative effect on your background check, will you sue your former employer and most importantly why didn’t they take your opinion when you were their employer.
Some of the questions are: -
1) Any changes in the company policies or procedures will benefit the organization?
2) Were your efforts and achievements adequately recognized?
3) What are the benefits which your new company will offer which are not present in this company?
4) Were you achieving your career goals?
5) Any suggestions or tips to find a replacement in the process of interview and workplace?
6) Any other suggestions, feedback, comments?
It is always suggested that you take enough suggestions and advice from your lawyer. It is your responsibility for the suggestions and advice you obtain from this exit interview questions. Please visit an attorney for further legal advice.

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